Services for Men

Gentlemen, we know you need special care too, but sometimes you don't know where to go, or even what you may need. 

Coolsculpting for men.

CoolSculpting for Men

Guys, we all have a little something we'd love to get rid of and can't, no matter how much we go to the gym. Whether it is that double chin, spare tire, or other areas we don't feel comfortable speaking about, we can help you permanently lose the fat with CoolSculpting®

Dr. Alvarez is a CoolSculpting® certified doctor, and has received advanced training at CoolSculpting® University.

Most importantly, Dr. Alvarez understands your special needs and concerns as a man, as he has also been treated with CoolSculpting® for his own problem areas.

Botox for men white male

Botox for Men

Stress gets us every day, and unfortunately it leaves behind deep lines and creases on our forehead, between our eyebrows, and gives us Crow's Feet around our eyes. The solution is Botox®.

Botox® for men is not about "looking done" or "Puffy". Botox® for men is about reducing the appearance of those lines to make us look more refreshed and relaxed. 

Dr. Alvarez is an expert at performing Botox® for men, with over a decade of experience, and has been featured in numerous publications and stations such as FOX for his "Brotox" events.

Smile man folds nasolabial folds juvederm filler

Dermal Fillers for Men

Dermal fillers are what rescue us guys from the deep lines that form between our nose and corners of the mouth. They also help lift the lips or corners of the mouth when we have lost volume or our face begins to droop with age. 

Dr. Alvarez is an expert, with over a decade of experience in treating men with dermal fillers. Our office EXCLUSIVELY uses Hyaluronic Acid Fillers from the Juvederm® Family made by Allergan. 

Double Chin Kybella for Men

Kybella for Men

Kybella® is an injectable medication that permanently destroys fat cells in the treated area, and is meant to eliminate double chin in patients. 

With Kybella®, there is no surgery required to get rid of your double chin. 

Depending on the amount of fat under the chin that needs to be eliminated, you may typically need anywhere from one to three sessions.

Dr. Alvarez has been successfully using Kybella® to treat his patients, and was one of the first doctors trained in New York City in its use by Allergan. 

Microblading for Men Boxer Microblading eyebrows

Microblading for Men

Microblading is a method of semi-permanently tattooing the eyebrow to recreate the look of individual hair strands. 

Microblading for men is highly effective in restoring the look of a normal eyebrow that may have been left damaged due to injury or accident.

As men age, the appearance of the eyebrow also lessens, many times leaving thin, misshapen, or uneven eyebrows. Microblading can help restore the proper youthful look of your eyebrows. 

Our expert Victoria Catherine is an experienced expert at giving you natural and exceptional results when it comes to Microblading for men.

Laser teeth whitening for men

Laser Teeth Whitening for Men

The best and fastest way to whiten your teeth is to use a laser. Not a "blue light" like other advertised whitening methods, we use a true diode laser to bleach your teeth faster and better than any other system. Laser teeth whitening in our office takes under an hour, and is performed by either Dr. Alvarez who is a top New York City cosmetic dentist, or one of his talented staff members at NYCLaserDentist. 

Botox® for men event at dr. Alvarez's form

It was a wonderful Botox® for Men event where former NFL players, professional boxers, celebrity chefs, and others all enjoyed some scotch, great food, and a good time while getting some Botox® and Juvederm® to look their best.